Need to Find a Water Source on Your Property?

What Is Involved in Well Drilling?

Most rural homes use their own isolated water systems in order to have fresh water for the likes of drinking, laundry, cooking, and hygiene due to the fact they are nowhere near a public water system. Which is why they must have a well which is either dug or drilled. However, the most reliable option of the two is

well drilling


A drilled well will use pipes that will tap into underground water sources. This system will bring the water from an underground source to a person’s home. But, before any drilling takes place, the experts will need to study the land to determine where a good water source may be found.

Once a water source is found, the



process will start with a machine known as a

well borer, this is capable of digging deep into the earth with the aid of a massive drill bit that will be housed in a large pipe. As the drill goes deeper into the earth, the likes of rocks, tree roots, dirt, and water start will start to flow out of the pipe. Those working on these drilling projects are highly trained to examine the flow of water to determine when a safe source of water has been found.

Once the drilling team has located a good water supply, they will then install pipes in the hole. This prevents any dirt from falling in and blocking the path of the water once the drilling is finished. A waterproof pump will be used to push the water up and into the pipes and directly into the house. At the bottom of this is a mesh screen which will stop dirt from getting into the pump’s motor. The waterproof pump will be also attached to smaller pipes that bring the water into the house. To find out more about our services and how we can

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